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We’ve compiled all the information you need to find the best home security system out there. Sorting through all the information on alarm companies and home security systems is no easy task; we have done the research for you and will continue to update this site to provide you with everything you’ll need to know to find the best home security system for you and your family. We will review only the top home security companies, with the best security technology, customer service record and value. The goal is to help you sort through the myriad of marketing promotions out there and help ensure all your questions are answered.

1st Place
FrontPoint Security


2nd Place
ADT Security


3rd Place
Protect America

Protect America 


FrontPoint holds an excellent customer service record. They have the most positive reviews of the top home security companies and they maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. They offer their customers wireless home security systems that are simple to install and use 100% cellular monitoring services.

  • Wireless Home Security System
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • iPhone/Android App
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO Monitoring
  • $34.99 to $49.99 


ADT Security has been in the industry for over 100 years and has over 6 million customers. ADT Security has a network of professional installers and dealers. If you want to have your home security system professionally installed, then ADT Security is the way to go.

  • Wireless Home Security System
  • Phone Line and Cellular Monitoring
  • $850 worth of Free Equipment
  • iPhone/Android App
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO Monitoring
  • $36.99 to $47.99 


Protect America delivers a lot of value in the home security space with their free upfront wireless home security equipment and many monitoring packages to choose from. Protect America maintains a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Wireless Home Security System
  • Broadband and Cellular Monitoring
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • iPhone/Android App
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO Monitoring
  • $29.99 to $54.99
Company FrontPoint Security ADT Security Protect America
frontpoint adt-authorized-dealer Protect America
Phone Number 855-314-4076 877-648-3309 888-305-0285
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Installation DIY Professional DIY
Technology 100% Cellular Cellular Broadband Phone Line Cellular Broadband Phone Line
Brand GE Security Honeywell GE Security
Monitoring Intrusion Fire Carbon Monoxide Intrusion Fire Carbon Monoxide Intrusion Fire Carbon Monoxide
Two-Way Voice (Senior Friendly) No Yes No
Sensors Door Window Motion Fire/Smoke Flood Garage more… Door Window Motion Fire/Smoke Flood Garage more… Door Window Motion Fire/Smoke Flood Garage more…
Security Apps iPhone iPad Android Device iPhone iPad Android Device iPhone iPad Android Device
Remote Features Arm/Disarm Text Messages Streaming Video Geo Services Arm/Disarm Text Messages Streaming Video Arm/Disarm Text Messages Streaming Video
Monthly Monitoring $34.99 to $49.99 $36.99 to $53.99 $19.99 to $54.99
Company FrontPoint Security ADT Security Protect America
frontpoint adt-authorized-dealer Protect America
Phone Number 855-314-4076 877-648-3309 888-305-0285
Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website Visit Website
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Frontpoint Review

frontpoint-security-systemOverview Frontpoint is a company that has made a name for itself in the industry by providing its customers with top notch customer service and a Safer, Simpler, Smarter approach they live by. Frontpoint was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in McLean VA. They provide the high-tech GE security equipment and combine great hardware with innovative software like smartphone apps for IPhone, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry to enhance the User experience for all their customers. FrontPoint Security has an A rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) this accreditation is somewhat rear in the home security industry. They earned this accreditation by first earning the respect of their customers as you’d find in the hundreds, if not thousands of positive reviews all over the web. FrontPoint Security provides only cellular monitoring, it’s impressive to see a company back their claim 100% that they only provide the safest monitoring and security system options. We’ve found cellular monitoring does give home security customers the highest level of safety. IT’S TRUE! Burglars can and are simply cutting phone lines and disabling home security systems before entry to ensure the police aren’t called and they don’t get caught in the act. FrontPoint Security also monitors with a UL listed central monitoring station, providing 24 hour monitoring for Fire, Theft, Intrusions and home invasions, Medical response all standard in all of their monitoring plans. This makes finding the best monitoring package easy, since you get all the essentials standard. Frontpoint also backs there products and services giving all their new customers a 30 day 100% risk free trial period. In a nutshell, when you consider great customer service, industry leading equipment with GE security, Interactive smartphone apps, a stellar reputation providing cellular monitoring with 30 day risk free trial period to all their new home security customers – It’s easy to see why Frontpoint earned our 5 star award.

Why go with Frontpoint?

More and more people are raving about our top home security company, their customers seem every happy with them as is evidenced in their online reviews and independent ratings but that’s not all. We want to break down what makes Frontpoint a good fir to many, and answer the question why is Frontpoint different from other home security companies out there? Why Frontpoint?

frontpoint-monitoringFrontpoint 100% Cellular Monitoring: Frontpoint offers 100% cellular monitoring.  Cellular monitoring is the safest form of security monitoring out there. The truth is, burglars don’t only case your home and neighborhood they stop to cut phone lines and may be emboldened by their understanding of the way certain home security systems work. Once the phone line is cut, they know there is no way to connect to the central monitoring station and for the police to be called. If you want the safest monitoring out there you have to start with cellular and Frontpoint provides that.

Frontpoint Wireless Home Security Systems: Frontpoint alarm equipment is 100% wireless, with a wireless alarm system with an encrypted radio frequency for better safety. Hard wired systems are vulnerable and could be high maintenance, as lines get cut. With a wireless system sensors connect to the Control panel wirelessly and then Frontpoint cellular link device sends the signal wirelessly to the Central monitoring station.

Frontpoint Smash and Crash Technology: Frontpoint security has as close to a full-proof system as possible, burglars know they could smash the Control Panel after they get into the house and short circuit the system that way. Frontpoint Smash and Crash technology ensures that a signal is sent to a remote location as soon as an alarm trigger occurs, so Smashing the control panel or sensors will be a waste of time, as the signal as already been sent to the Central Monitoring Station and anything shy of a disarm code would mean the police still get dispatched to the property, quickly.

Frontpoint Interactive Technology with Smartphone Apps: Get reminders on your smart phone, full control of your home security system from any internet enabled device from anywhere you have internet access. Keep an eye out, watch your home and receive notifications telling you who arrived at your house and who left when. Now that’s information that leads to great peace of mind.

Frontpoint 24/7 Monitoring: This is a must have with Rapid Response Monitoring, Frontpoint customers  get a top notch monitoring station, monitoring for Fire, Intrusion, Flood and Carbon Monoxide 24/7. Frontpoint delivers State of the art monitoring.

Frontpoint A Rating on the BBB: Only the best businesses receive an A rating from the BBB. Frontpoint has focused on get customer experiences and a great product line. Frontpoint Security’s customer service record is truly a great one. For most customers, service is the main determining factor.


Call Frontpoint 855-249-9868 Visit Website


ADT Security

ADT Security Review ADT is name most people associate with home security services. They are indeed a household name and earned it with over 100 years in the business. ADT boasts over 6 million active customers, known for their aggressive marketing and local presence almost nationwide. The presence of ADT yard signs in neighborhoods has made ADT America’s home security company. ADT’s approach has been consistent over the years with a focus on local presence; they have a large network of technicians, sales reps, dealers and installers. ADT provides a good combination of equipment packages and good monitoring. A good number of ADT customers use phone line or broad band based systems but ADT also provides cellular monitoring to their customers. A benchmark in the home security industry ADT also provides remote access and smart phones apps, camera’s for surveillance with the newer ADT Pulse service. Currently ADT has a B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). ADT provides free in-home consultations which are great for home security customers who may need a little more support; they also offer professional installations which is good in this age of do-it-yourself home security systems. They also have service technicians available to do house calls for their customers. ADT is also very business and commercial friendly providing security services to businesses and homes alike, with 24 hour monitoring for Burglary, theft, medical and fire from several central monitoring stations in the United States.

Protect America

Protect America is headquartered in Austin TX. Founded 20 years ago they do a great job providing simple options for customers to choose from. Protect Americas home security monitoring offerings include phone line, internet or broadband and cellular monitoring to choose from. Protect America’s home security equipment offerings are like a free buffet. The equipment packages start from their copper (3 contacts) and go up 4 spots to their platinum package (15 contacts, 1 motion etc.) The equipment is free regardless of what package you choose, Protect America allows their customers pick the package that works best for them. We believe this free assortment of equipment packages makes Protect America a great value their home security customers especially those who may not be looking to pay an upfront charge for equipment. Protect America provides different monitoring plans that come with different features and prices. Ask about their remote access features and Smartphone apps as this is a good addition to any home security system, they also provide Fire monitoring and burglary monitoring in addition to their Theft and burglary. The two- way voice option is also a great feature.

Top 5 Facts about Protect America

1. Protect America has been around for over 20 years. 2. They were one of the first companies to provide a completely wireless DIY system. 3. They use the GE Simon XT product line. All their equipment packages are Free making them a good bargain. 4. Their headquarters is located in Austin Texas. 5. Our award for best value for a security company goes to Protect America.

What is the Best Home Security System?

This is a very common question as most home security shoppers simply want to find the best home security system for their money. The first step is to understand that it depends on the user and the situation. Most people start looking for a home security system because of a particular event or to protect against the occurrence of negative event in their lives. It’s not all about burglaries for some, as a matter of fact for most it’s about peace of mind. You’ve worked hard for your belongings and don’t want to lose them, even more importantly people purchase a home security system to protect and monitor loved ones.

best-security-company24 Hour Home Security Monitoring: When it comes to protecting loved ones like family members, get a home security system that includes alarms or sirens as these could be a good deterrent but don’t stop there, get a monitored security system. Monitoring is what triggers an emergency alert to be sent to the police, it is important the police are dispatch promptly to the property; we can’t be there to protect our family members all the time.

Cellular Home Security Monitoring: We believe Cellular monitoring is important because burglars have figured out way to defeat most security systems especially those that rely on some kind of hard wired connection like the phone line or internet line. Any connection that can be accessed from outside the property should be considered vulnerable. With cellular monitoring you don’t have to worry about that, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home security can’t be easily defeated.

Use the right combination of home security sensors: Protect your doors with door sensors, doors are the most frequently used entry point for burglars, most TV sets are carried out through doors too so it’s safe to say doors are more likely to be opened during a burglary or a home invasion. Windows sensors should be used for people who may be concerned about a break in when they or their loved ones are in the property. If home invasions are a concern then a combination of door and window sensors will be a good fit. Motion sensors are also very popular as they cover a wide area; they are also very effective for people who want to protect their homes when they are away. Some motion detectors cover upwards of 1000 sq. ft. making them not just a reliable way to protect your home from burglaries but a cost effective option as window sensors could add up and increase costs. Ask about Glass break sensors too, if you’re interested in fire monitoring look into fire sensors. Make sure you discuss alarm sensors with your security company and have them explain why your final combination of sensors meets your needs.

Home Security Customer Service is King: A security system is an important investment, ensure you go with a company with a reputation for taking care of their customers. Your security system provider should explain how your system works and provide support when you need it. They should earn your trust, the best way to ensure you are going with a reputable company is to talk to them first and research them before you make a purchase, then make your decision. Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) look up complaints and search for reviews online get as much customer feedback and reviews as you can.

Home Security Technology and other features: Alarm systems should do more than just protect your home, with the technology available now your security system can notify you on your iPhone or other smartphones like Android and Blackberry when kids arrive home from school and when they leave. It can remind you to arm your alarm system when you drive away without arming it or lock and unlock your doors or even control your thermostat from your work computer. These features add value to your home security investment by providing services you can use daily to give you better peace of mind and awareness as to what’s happening in your property at all times. Well, the best home security system should have some or a combination of what was mentioned here, simply put the best home security system is one that meets your needs and works when you need it the most. FrontPoint Security is an example of a home security company that provides security systems with all the services and features listed above. has voted Frontpoint Security as the Best Home Security System Company.


Home Security Facts and Tips

Home Security TipsTop 5 things you can do to keep your home safe Don’t stop at a home security system to protect your home, here are a few ideas on how to keep your home safe.

Trim bushes and shrubs: Burglars are opportunistic by nature, a poorly kept home exterior could send a message that no one is home and could lead a burglar to target your home. Overgrown bushes and shrubs also can also serve as hiding places for burglars.

Lock and harden your doors: I know, this sounds like a no-brainer but some burglars don’t have to break in- they just walk through an unlocked door and gain entry that way. Ground floor doors are the main point of entry, Harden doors, solid wood or steel wrapped doors are great for ground entry doors. They can’t be kicked in easily or broken. Invest in solid door locks.

best-protection-home-alarm-systemSet timers inside the house: Use timers that are connected to lights to give the appearance that there is someone inside the house. Set different lights to turn on at different times before and after dark. Some burglars done want a confrontation, they simply want to steal and leave. Having them think there is someone in your home could cause them to change course.

Don’t show off new purchases: Think the next day after Christmas here and you purchased that new TV, so the box is outside in the open waiting to be picked up and disposed of. Burglars could notice your new purchases and target your home. Try to conceal your valuables, close windows and use blinds and shutters to ensure people can’t get a glimpse at what you have in your house. This simple precaution could mean the difference between a burglar targeting your home or the next house.

Use motion sensing lights: This could serve as a huge deterrent as they draw attention to an area, burglars like to be inconspicuous and people generally notice when a light comes on at night. Motion sensing security lights are activated when motion is detected. A home security system is the best way to keep your home safe, most home security systems come with sirens that can startle burglars and send them running, monitored home security system ensure you and the police are alerted quickly if burglars break in to your home.

What are the different types of home security monitoring

Cellular Monitoring: This connection relies on the cellular link device either connected to or built into the security system hardware. The cellular link uses cellphone towers around the vicinity to send the signal to the monitoring center. Cellular connections protect against the burglars ability to cut phone lines and defeat the security system. This is the safest of all the types of monitoring.

Internet/ Broadband Monitoring: This connection uses a broadband connection to dial out to the monitoring station after an alarm has occurred. It is not your typical phone line connection and is a good option for people who don’t have the typical phone line. More and more people are getting bundled packages from their local cable company and dropping traditional phone lines.

Phone Line Monitoring: This is the oldest and most widely used connection. The phone line is connected to the control panel and automatically dials the central monitoring station when a break in occurs. For decades tis was the only option with Security companies, and this gave way to the newer and potentially safer connections like cellular.

Home Security Monitoring

What is the best type of home security system monitoring

Cellular Monitoring:  Since burglars realized they can cut phone lines and internet lines and the security system would be defeated and unable to dial out to the central monitoring station. Cellular monitoring provides home security customers with a much safer alternative. Some companies offer a more than one connection, for example a phone line based system could be backed up with a cellular connection or vice versa. Remember that the primary connection is what the system attempts to dial out using first, if that fails the backup connection could kick in.

What are the best iPhone Home Security Apps or Android Home Security Apps?

More home security companies are offering smart phone apps with their monitoring packages. Customers are drawn to these services because it adds value to their home security system with remote access and real time alerts. Smartphone apps could be the next best thing to police dispatch during a break in, they serve as both a precautionary tool by giving home security users an easy way to arm and disarm their alarm system and a notification tool with real time information to who is coming and going from their home as well as reminders.

iPhone Home Security App
The best home security monitoring packages with smart phone apps allow customers to: Log in from a computer of smartphone to check the status of their home security system, is it armed or did you leave the house with the system disarmed. Check in on kids and family members. People like to know when their kids arrive from school; did they arm the system upon arrival? Are they safe in the property? Remind loved ones like elderly parents to shut doors and windows they may have left open.

Keep a log of paid workers like nannies, the dog walker: The system can send you a text message letting you know if the babysitter leaves at a particular time, or opens the back door for a break on the porch. If the cable guy shows up and you don’t want to give them an alarm code, you can disarm the system while you’re at work to let them into the property, and when they leave arm the system. They don’t have to have access to your security system anymore or get a code, this way they can’t return to the property or share property or alarm information with others.

Reminders and Geo – location services: a leader in smartphone application technology for home security companies now provides geo services with their iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smartphone applications. This service reminds home security users if they leave their house without arming there alarm system. You drive away from your home without turning on the system, based on the preset distance of your smartphone from your house the system will send you a text message saying you have left without arming your security system.

Lock and Unlock Doors: New Smartphone apps can allow customers with certain powered door locks to let others in and out of the property remotely without leaving a key. This is great for nannies or contractors doing work in the property. Some people are concerned about how easily people can make copies of keys and return weeks or months later to break into the home. This feature helps reduce your risk of that happening.

Control Thermostats: Turn up the temperature in your home before you get home and reduce it for when you’re not home this energy saver could also lead to savings in your energy bills. This is also great for second or vacation homes.

Live streaming video: For home security customers with cameras using monitored video surveillance, live streaming video shows you what is going on in your property real time as it happens from your smartphone app. check in on nannies or care givers for loved ones. For some parents and people with loved ones receiving in home care, the smartphone app with real time video access is a must have.

The Best Smartphone Apps for Home Security systems? is the industry leader in providing smartphone and internet based apps and access for home security dealers (like FrontPoint Security and Protect America) across the U.S. They continue to innovate and provide user friendly solutions that enhance interaction between the user and their security system. Alarm has been providing the solutions mentioned above for over a decade and is not slowing down. Ask if your home security provider uses technology.

Best Apartment Security Systems

apartment-security-systemSo you’ve decided you want an alarm system and security monitoring but you live in an apartment or a condo. At this point you are probably noticing that most home security offers include have contracts and may even mention deals for only home owners. The best home security solution for people who live in a condo or an apartment is a wireless security system. A wireless security system gives you a few options: Portability: If you move you can take this system with you, typically at no additional charge. No wires or cosmetic damage to your home: Since there are no wires there is no drilling in the home for areas to run wires through, which means no installation related damage in your home. Shorter term contracts: Ask wireless home security company providers if they have short term contracts, some of the top companies do. Short term contracts allow home security customers extra flexibility in case they were to move or don’t need the alarm system anymore after a certain time. Note that shorter term contracts could mean higher equipment costs. Read reviews about 100% wireless home security companies on this website

All you need to know about Home Security Equipment and Sensors

What is a door or window sensor? A door or window sensor is a small two piece sensor, designed to be placed on most points that open and shut, like doors and windows, gun safes, medicine cabinets etc. These sensors are a staple with home security systems and can be seen on most doors. The two magnetic pieces sense the others presence and when they separate by more than an inch they trigger an alarm. Home Security Tip: Doors remain the main point of entry during a break-in.

Should I use a door or window sensor? Door or window sensors are important for protecting your perimeter and most people should use them. They are especially important for people concerned about burglaries when they are in the house.  A wireless door or window sensor is great medicine cabinets, alcohol cabinets etc.

features-home-security-companiesWhat is a Motion Sensor? A motion sensor is a sensor that picks up motion within its range. Body heat gives out infra-red energy that motion sensors can pick up. Motion sensors send out rays across a wide area and when they pick up on body heat they know someone is in the area.

Should I use a motion sensor? Motion sensors are very popular and have been used for decades as part of well – designed home security systems. People rely on motion detectors to pick up wide areas and trust them because they are the one sensor that triggers is there is any movement within a given area. They are also a cost saver for people concerned about a break in when they are away and expect that there should be no movement in the property. Home Security Tip: Businesses with very expensive equipment and inventory tend to prefer motion detectors for use after business hours. This is a testament for the use of motion sensors in high risk areas.

What is a Glass break sensor? A glass break sensor is a sensor that detects the unique sound of broken glass. When glass breaks the glass break sensor picks up on the sound frequency and then triggers an alarm. This sensor is great for rooms with multiple windows and homes with lots of glass because it covers around 20 ft. in any direction.

Should I use a Glass break sensor? A glass break sensor from a practical point is a perimeter sensor capable of triggering the alarm system while the burglar is outside. A glass break sensor is a great addition to a home security system if you need one, some people with enough motion detectors may not need a glass break sensor. Glass break sensors are also great for people who have large pets and cannot use motion detectors with their home security system. Home security tip: Glass break sensors are great for people who have sunrooms or Florida rooms as those could be tempting entry points for burglars. Throwing a brick through a sliding glass door could create a big enough opening for a bugler to not trigger a door sensor on the slider. A glass break sensor would pick up the break in.

Home Security System Equipment
What is a Smoke and Heat sensor? A smoke and sensor is a sensor primarily used to detect fire, and trigger the central monitoring station to send the fire department to your home. It works by picking up smoke particles in the air, and by detecting if room temperature rises quickly as is the case with a fire.

Should I use a Smoke and Heat sensor? This is a common question people ask since most people could confuse smoke and heat sensors with smoke detectors they may already have in their homes. Anyone who is concerned about a fire when they are not in the house could benefit from a smoke and heat sensor because the smoke and heat sensor notifies the fire department for you. Smoke Detectors typically work differently; they alert you by setting off a siren in the house letting you know there is too much smoke. Home Security Tip: Smoke and Heat sensors are great for people who have pets and may be concerned about a Fire when the pets are in the home alone.

What is a Carbon Monoxide Sensor? A Carbon Monoxide or CO sensor is helps protect you and your family from toxic gas in the house. When dangerous levels of toxic gas are present the Carbon monoxide sensor will send a signal to the Central Monitoring station and then they will contact you to notify you.

Should I use a Carbon Monoxide Sensor? A carbon monoxide sensor come in handy for anyone in anyone, if you have a gas stove or a fireplace or are just concerned about toxic gas levels. Having a monitored CO sensor or just one that sounds an alarm is a matter of preference but either could be a life saver. Home Security Tip: If you don’t want a monitored carbon monoxide sensor, you can buy the devices from your local hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

What is a Panic/Medical device? A panic or medical device is primarily used for medical emergencies to contact the Emergency medical services. It can be a great add on to a home security system for people who may be concerned about reaching someone should they fall or experience a medical emergency. It comes with a panic button, when the panic button is held for 2+ seconds it triggers a response to the central monitoring station then they dispatch the emergency medical team to the address.

Should I use a Panic/Medical Pendant? Better to be safe than sorry, chances are that if people are considering it for whatever reason it is a good idea to purchase one.  Medical alerts are already included in some home security monitoring packages, so getting a panic device means you will be getting more out of your monitoring costs. Home Security Tip: Panic Pendants can also be programmed for police dispatch, some businesses put them under a counter incase a robbery occurs, some people have also asked for panic pendants to put in hallways or other areas of the in home incase they have a burglary.

alarm-system-reviewsWhat is a Keychain Remote? A Keychain Remote is a convenient way to arm and disarm your system at the push of a button. Keychain remotes could also be programmed to do other things like trigger a panic alarm, set your home security system to the Stay or Away modes.

Should I use a keychain remote? The keychain remote is mainly for convenience, some home security companies offer smartphone apps for people with Smartphones that perform the features of the Keychain remote. It does come in handy for people who want to quickly arm and disarm their alarm system. Home Security Tip: Always know where your keychain remote is, you don’t want it getting in the wrong hands as someone could disarm your system at the push of a button. If you lose your keychain remote quickly call your home security company and have them deactivate it.

What is the Control Panel? The Control Panel is the brain of the system. All the other sensors and devices send signals to the control panel when they are triggered. The Control Panel also dials out to central monitoring station when you have an emergency. The alarm system sensors are not the only things that connect to the Control Panel. The phone line or internet line are also connected to the Control Panel and some companies have Cellular link devices built in to the Control Panel for the purpose of connecting to the central monitoring station in an emergency. Control panels could have a keypad built in so you people can arm and disarm their system.

Should I use a Control Panel? Every home security system needs one. Home Security Tip: Some Control Panels now come with sirens built in, and some now have different wireless frequency like X-10 and Z wave.

Home Security Reviews

best-home-security-companiesWhen you are thinking of taking the next step towards home security, there are some steps that you need to take first. Reading as many different home security reviews is going to be key to buying the best system. Here are some tips that will help you see the great advantages of reading these reviews up front! You are going to save a lot of money when you take the time to read various reviews. If a customer has had a serious issue with a company, they are going to post it online for the entire world to see. That way, when you search for a specific home security system, that review is going to pop up and you will be warned ahead of time! Finding the very best model is how these home security reviews can help you as well. Equipment may be evaluated and you will find what you need to get in touch with the best model and service that fits your needs. Read through each major review site so that you do not miss a thing! Compare the various prices that will help you save money once again. Look through these reviews as well as the company website to get price quotes for services and features that you feel you require to feel safe. The company that has the best rated reviews as well as the best prices is going to be the choice for you! Once you have your system installed, you will have the peace of mind that you have always wanted. Be sure to read through the customer reviews that are available and dig for even more just to be safe. You do want to choose a company that will never let you down! There is no better time to get on board with home security reviews than right now. If you can take the time to look into these reviews, you are going to be doing yourself a favor. Start searching online and see what you can find so that you make a sound decision about your security system for your home!

Best Rated Alarm Companies

best-reviewsThe best rated alarm companies will be able to provide excellent security for your home and personal property. After all there is a good reason why they are rated so highly. Home security is much different from what it once was and it is possible to have your home monitored at all times by using the services of an alarm company. The company will monitor your alarm from a control room. They will check with you first in case of false alarms but within a few minutes the police can be notified of a problem. This means that action is taken very fast. However before choosing an alarm company make sure you investigate each and understand what they excel at. Recommendations and positive references are very valuable for alarm companies. It someone is currently using the services of the company as them why they chose that company and if they are happy with the services. Most of the best rated companies will have very favorable reviews and will provide references. Another good option is to speak with your insurance company as they may have particular providers that they will recommend. It is possible to contact agencies such as the better business bureau, local crime prevention department, and licensing agencies to get information about the alarm companies of interest. Collecting information from several different avenues is important to ensure that you have an unbiased picture of the company. Once you have a few companies of interest see about contacting them and setting up a time to get an estimate and ask them questions. A good company will ask about your lifestyle habits to present the best alarm options for your home. There are many different systems but it may not be right for your home and lifestyle. A good representative will know which systems work best in each set of circumstances.