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FrontPoint Security Ratings

Frontpoint Reviews

Frontoint has had a big impact on the home security industry, in a very good way. FrontPoint Security has also had a huge positive impact on their customer base, search for Frontpoint and you find mainly positive reviews from their customers. The interesting thing about Frontpoint customers as seen in their feedback, is they typically have options; they could probably do business with any home security company but choose Frontpoint Security. A good number of them have purchased the services from other alarm companies in the past and may have been dissatisfied, but found Frontpoint to be a breath of fresh air.

FrontPoint Security Reviews

So how does Frontpoint achieve a high level of customer satisfaction? Great question… Yes, we researched the company, their home security offerings, equipment, monitoring plans, technology, customer experience etc… and it is clear that while Frontpoint is a home security with typical service offerings – they have committed to a unique approach. An approach that has a them outperforming some industry home security veterans.  If you had to narrow down Frontpoint’s winning approach, we would attribute it to their laser focus on THE CUSTOMER.

Everything about Frontpoint  seems to be geared towards improving the customer experience, improving being the key word here because they are not resting on their laurels. Frontpoint  sells, but they have an interesting no cutting corners approach, the sales reps go over almost every detail of why their home security system and services are different and explain the benefits as it applies to you – the individual, in your life and your circumstances. They also give you a customized quote, based on your needs (and they explain why you’re getting a customized quote and not some pre-determined package) and your current concerns.

Excellent customer service is not a new formula for success by any means, there’s nothing groundbreaking about that concept, but Frontpoint’s ability to implement and make a science of the customer experience speaks volumes for the company. Frontpoint is positioning to be the leader in home security for many years to come from what we can tell.


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Why Choose Frontpoint? Service and Safety

Frontpoint believes that 100% of their customers should have the safest possible security system out there. Their definition of safest home security system comes from an understanding that for many decades now, most home security systems have worked the same. A control panel is hard wired into the house, placed in a closet or basement, and then wires run to different points of entry within the property like the doors and windows. When a door is kicked in or a window is opened or broken in a burglary the alarm is tripped and a siren goes off. The Control Panel then uses the phone line to dial out to the monitoring center or central monitoring station. Then the police are called and then dispatched to the property in question. I just described the typical hard wired home security system you may find in many homes and businesses today. You may also find that they may be close to 10 years old or even older. The truth is what was commonly available to people back then was to hard wire home security systems and connect, using a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) landline connection to the monitoring center.

FrontPoint Security Monitoring Plans

Frontpoint is committed to offering their 100% of their customers a 100% wireless system, which means no wires running around the house, they use all wireless sensors that connect to the Control Panel using a safe encrypted wireless frequency.

Frontpoint also uses 100% cellular monitoring, so you don’t connect using a phone line. This means that burglars who are familiar with the phone line based security systems are unable to disable a Frontpoint  system by simply cutting the phone line from outside the house, the same goes for Internet or broadband based systems in which the DSL or Internet line come from outside the property into the house. Burglars know to cut those lines in order to disable them, with Frontpoint this is not an issue.

FrontPoint Security Monitoring Reviews:


Frontpoint provides three different monitoring plans as we described earlier, all Frontpoint customers get the safer cellular monitoring option. Frontpoint’s monitoring plans are called Protection, Interactive and Ultimate monitoring.

FrontPoint Security Protection Monitoring Review – $34.99

100% Cellular: Frontpoint Protection monitoring is 100% cellular the Control Panel comes with a built in cellular device, the cellular link device safely and efficiently contact the central monitoring station when in case of a burglary or an emergency. As described earlier the system does not use the less safe, more vulnerable phone or internet lines to connect.

Intrusion:  Frontpoint Protection monitoring includes 24 hour protection against intrusion, if someone accesses the property ad triggers and sensor without an alarm code, to disarm the system an alarm is triggered and the police are sent.

Life Safety: Frontpoint’s Protection monitoring includes Life Safety; medical alerts are standard with Frontpoint Protection monitoring plan. Purchase a panic pendant and at the push of a button the monitoring center would be alerted if you have an emergency. The Control panel also has a life safety/medical button. This is important for people who want may need the EMT dispatched to the home in case of a fall or medical emergency.

Fire Monitoring: Frontpoint’s Protection Monitoring includes Fire monitoring tells the central monitoring station to dispatch the fire department to the property in the event of a fire, especially when no one is home. Smoke detectors beep to alert people in the house theirs a fire, purchase smoke and heat sensors to trigger and automated alert to the central monitoring station that tells them to dispatch your local fire department.

Environmental: Frontpoint’s Protection monitoring covers environmental events like cold temperature (freeze sensor) which could lead to burst pipes which could cause a flood (flood sensor). Dangerous gases in the environment carbon monoxide sensors (CO sensor) could be a life saver.

24×7 Professional Monitoring: Frontpoint’s Protection monitoring provides 24×7 protection with a highly accredited central monitoring station, which happen to be one of the highest-rated monitoring facilities in the U.S. They provide quick response in your time of need, getting the proper authorities be it a burglary, fire or medical emergency to you home quickly.


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Frontpoint Interactive Monitoring Review – $44.99

Frontpoint’s Interactive monitoring plan takes home security monitoring to the next level, by enhancing the user interaction with their home security system. Interactive monitoring shows an evolution in home security monitoring services, with free mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone, remote control and access from any web enabled device and Geo (location based) services and home lighting automation.

Frontpoint’s Interactive monitoring plan includes all the features of Frontpoint Protection Monitoring, PLUS…

Real Time Security alerts and notifications: Frontpoint’s Interactive monitoring provides instant security alerts to your phone, by text or by email. Receive alerts to your desktop also regarding activity in your home. Get an alert when family members arrive or leave the home, keep tabs on paid workers at your house. Check on loved ones like elderly parents remotely.

Crash and Smash protection:  Frontpoint goes above and beyond with their crash and smash technology. Burglars know that after entering a property most home security systems have a delay period and during that time they could smash the Control Panel (as it is the brain of the security system) and destroy or at least short circuit it. Frontpoint’s Control Panel alerts the Central Monitoring Station as soon as it detects entry into the property so smashing and destroying the Control Panel may be too late for the burglar, as the signal as already been sent.  With Frontpoint’s interactive monitoring if a disarm code and subsequent all clear signal is not received from you the home security customer then a signal would be sent to the monitoring center and help is quickly on the way.

Frontpoint Geo Services:  People tell stories about driving away from their homes with their garage door left open or forgetting to arm their home security system. With Frontpoint’s Geo services the system alerts you proactively by notifying you if you leave your home without arming your security system. The Geo service is an Opt-in feature and could track you iPhone or Android phone and know your location, you can also setup customized notification rules, based on your specific location. Control your home security system automatically using this feature.

Frontpoint’s  Remote Light Controls: With remote light controls you can easily turn light off and on remotely from wherever you are. Use your iPhone, Android, Windows phone or BlackBerry apps to turn lights on prior to entering your home. The remote light control sensors may even let you turn on other appliances.

Remote Access: Frontpoint’s Interactive monitoring gives you full control of your system from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet enabled device. Control your system from work or while on a business trip, react to notifications you receive. With Frontpoint, home security monitoring goes a long way.


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Frontpoint’s Ultimate Monitoring Review – $49.99

Frontpoint’s Ultimate monitoring plan adds additional features and services to their super-popular Interactive monitoring plan. Adding wireless video cameras with live streaming video to your smartphone or laptop, and Z-Wave compatible home automation features for powered door locks and thermostats. Frontpoint’s Ultimate monitoring further enhances your home security experience by making other aspects of your life easier, giving you visibility, insight and control of your system. The Ultimate Monitoring plan gives you all the features from the Protection and Interactive monitoring plan PLUS…

Wireless video monitoring: There are lots of camera solutions and manufacturers out there, with Frontpoint’s video offerings you get access to view you house and see what’s happening from anywhere you have web access. Pull out you smartphone and view your living room, the motion triggered wireless IP cameras record and upload video to remote storage point so your video recordings are stored safely and you can access them at a time that is convenient to you. The cameras stream live video to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Frontpoint’s cameras automatically send you video clips letting you view what footage was recorded.

Home Automation: Frontpoint’s Ultimate monitoring plan also includes home automation, allowing you to lock and unlock Z- Wave compatible door locks remotely if a family member forgets to lock the doors, you’re in control. Let guests, relatives into your house without a key. Thermostat controls are also included in the Ultimate monitoring plan, set your home to your desired temperature before arriving in the property with Z-Wave compatible thermostats and Frontpoint’s Ultimate monitoring plan.

FrontPoint Security Home Automation

Frontpoint Monitoring plans and all their features give us more insight into why Frontpoint continues to be the #1 rated home security company. They have taken first class home security monitoring and focused on the customer experience while using their system. Improving peace of mind and making the system smarter and easier to use. You can’t go wrong with either of Frontpoint’s Protection, Interactive or Ultimate monitoring plans.

Frontpoint Equipment Review

Frontpoint uses GE Security equipment. The equipment is 100% wireless and they offer a wide range of wireless sensors with the GE Simon XT Control Panel to fit most needs. With wireless equipment they are able to provide a system that’s easy to install because its wireless. The equipment is portable so customers can take it with them when they move. With a peel and stick do-it-yourself or DIY installation you get a sense that with better technology home security systems have indeed become more practical for more people.

FrontPoint Security Equipment

FrontPoint Security Sensors

Frontpoint’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating

Frontpoint has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is pretty rare in the home security industry, ratings for some other competitors have changed with time, sometimes for worse but Frontpoint’s rating on the BBB seems to be constantly improving.


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